Throwback Thursday: Sanford Honored with San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s ‘Trusted Advisor’ Award

Sanford Michelman was selected as a 2012 “Trusted Advisor” by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal (SFVBJ). In the SFVBJ writeup Strategic Partners CEO, Michael Singer, stated:

“Sanford is a brilliant strategist. He’s always five steps ahead of everyone else. Sanford has great foresight and foresees the multiple paths in which situations can play out… He asks great questions, actively listens and is very creative, yet on point, with his advice.”

Sanford Michelman Trusted Advisor

M&R Ranked a Top 40 U.S. Law Firm for Minorities

diversity handsLast month Law360 announced its inaugural list of the Top 100 best U.S. law firms for minorities, “based on the firms’ minority representation at the partner and nonpartner levels and their total number of minority attorneys.” That Michelman & Robinson, LLP (M&R) ranked 39th on the list is, in part, a reflection of Sanford’s commitment to providing superior client service, and top-notch business and legal advice. At M&R, we have long realized the tangible benefits of having a diverse workforce that is a reflection of our clients’ varied backgrounds and life experiences.

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Michelman & Robinson Expands SoCal Presence with Move to Westwood

Westwood Office BuildingCALIFORNIA, June 22, 2015 – Michelman & Robinson, LLP (M&R), has relocated its Los Angeles office to the heart of Westwood in the Oppenheimer Building located at 10880 Wilshire Boulevard, 19th floor.

“This move responds to M&R’s need for additional space and brings us closer to many of our clients,” stated M&R Managing Partner, Dana Kravetz. “The approximate 27,000 square foot suite is equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities that link us easily to clients and our four offices in California and New York.”

M&R also added an in-suite café, along with a spacious and versatile multi-purpose room that the Firm can configure to accommodate all sizes of meetings, seminars and social gatherings. Everything is cutting edge in design.

Working with a designer on all the updates, the new space reflects a firm that is committed not only to growth, but collegiality. “A Collaborative Room outfitted with a floor-to-ceiling white board, casual environmental surroundings, and videoconferencing will help facilitate the interactive and innovative way we work,” noted Sanford Michelman, M&R’s co-founder and Chairman. “We created a space where attorneys and staff will enjoy working together.”

We may now be reached at 310.564.2670

Throwback Thursday: Fox Reality Boxing Show Scrutinized By California State Athletic Commission

boxingIn 2004, the New York Times wrote about the “increasingly nasty conflict between the Fox Network and NBC over competing boxing reality-television shows.” Specifically, the Fox show, “The Next Great Champ,” was in hot water with the California State Athletic Commission for throwing matches without a licensed promoter. The article quoted then chairman of the commission, Sanford L. Michelman, stating that he “will take stern and swift action if anyone’s doing something illegal.” Sanford continued, “We take it very seriously if a licensed boxing promoter is not present for bouts,” as promoters are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the boxers. However, Sanford held off any rush to judgment because he did not want to damage the careers of the boxers and wanted to give the show’s producers a chance to defend themselves.

Read more at the New York Times.

A Primer on Defending Your California Insurance License

Back in March Sanford co-authored a Law360 article titled, “A Primer on Defending Your Calif. Insurance License.” The article begins:

For clients, there is little that can match the emotion of receiving an accusation from the California Department of Insurance seeking to revoke the license that justifies your business’s existence. The reason is that licensees are conditioned to believe they have little to no rights when defending against the department. In this instance, it is good to be wrong.

An accusation is a charging document; the document the department must issue to place the licensee on notice of what it is alleging as violations of insurance laws. It is only in the rarest situations that the department can essentially skip the issuance of an accusation and summarily revoke a license. This is good news because if the department believes insurance laws have been violated, it must tell a licensee, with specificity, what it is that was allegedly violated. This is a requirement that a licensee be provided “notice.”[1] This starts the process that leads to an administrative hearing. After receiving notice, the licensee is entitled to respond by serving its own notice that it intends to defend itself and would like a hearing.

All accusations are served with a notice of defense form, but this does not include a critical document most often missed by novice practitioners — a “special notice of defense.”[2] A special notice of defense is parallel to affirmative defenses in civil litigation — if they are not raised at a certain time, these defenses are forever waived.

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Throwback Thursday: Sanford Interviewed by Lawdragon in 2012

Sanford Michelman
Sanford Michelman

In 2012, Lawdragon interviewed Sanford as part of it’s Lawyer Limelight series, which “features discussions with top practitioners, including corporate counsel, law firm stars, leaders in academia, public interest lawyers and more.” Below are a few questions and answers from the piece:

Lawdragon: What were some of the biggest challenges of the early days?

Sanford Michelman: Finding the extra few hours a day. We have been fortunate in that we were able to have very talented lawyers join us early on and support from our clients. We never really faced any significant challenges, other than maintaining the quality of our work.

LD: What advice would you give lawyers interested in doing the same?

SM: Make sure it is something you really want to do. It is a tug of war between being a practicing lawyer and operating a business. It requires tremendous hours, patience, and a long view towards where you want the firm to go. Finally, I would say that with every hire, make sure it is a cultural fit – don’t chase business originators in any way that may sacrifice your culture. Define your culture and make that you do not deviate from it.

Read the entire interview at Lawdragon.

Sanford Representing Renee Benson in New Orleans Saints Case

Sanford Michelman is part of the team representing Renee Benson and her children Rita and Ryan LeBlanc in their civil suit over the future control of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans franchises. While the judge has closed the courtroom to the press, The Times-Picayune reports about the crux of the case:

“Tom Benson’s daughter Renee Benson and grandchildren Rita and Ryan LeBlanc are asking for the patriarch to be declared incompetent to manage his own affairs, arguing that he is in declining health and under the influence of his wife and close circle of executives.

In January, Benson announced he intends to leave full ownership of the Saints and Pelicans to his wife of more than 10 years, Gayle Benson, rather than to Renee, Rita and Ryan.”

The case continues on Wednesday. 

Sanford Honored with Zimmer Children’s Museum Discovery Award

Discovery Award Dinner
2013 Discovery Award Dinner

The Zimmer Children’s Museum annually presents the Discovery Award to “remarkable individuals who exemplify strong leadership” and “live our mission to promote values that make a better society through interactive learning, creative self-expression and art experiences for children and families.” In 2013, the Museum celebrated the following “Good people who have positively made a difference:”

  • Margaret Loesch, President and CEO of The Hub
  • David Madden, President of Fox Television Studios
  • Sanford Michelman, Founder and Partner of Michelman & Robinson