Throwback Thursday: Fox Reality Boxing Show Scrutinized By California State Athletic Commission

boxingIn 2004, the New York Times wrote about the “increasingly nasty conflict between the Fox Network and NBC over competing boxing reality-television shows.” Specifically, the Fox show, “The Next Great Champ,” was in hot water with the California State Athletic Commission for throwing matches without a licensed promoter. The article quoted then chairman of the commission, Sanford L. Michelman, stating that he “will take stern and swift action if anyone’s doing something illegal.” Sanford continued, “We take it very seriously if a licensed boxing promoter is not present for bouts,” as promoters are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the boxers. However, Sanford held off any rush to judgment because he did not want to damage the careers of the boxers and wanted to give the show’s producers a chance to defend themselves.

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